Friday, October 14, 2005


Sweet Dreams!

Have you ever had a dream that summarized your life? where you stand now? and maybe what you should do next? I had one last night and it put me in a very strange mood when i woke up. Silence and reflection.
I looked up dreams and the interesting fact is that we all dream at night many dreams - the same frequency per amount of sleep, but the reason why we, sometimes, think we didn't is because the memory fades. Kollo maktoub hena
So... there's nothing as "I never dream" or "I have very few dreams"
I always wanted to learn techniques on how to remember my dreams because I believe they have a lot of messages and deep insights till one day a wise woman told me "life is full of signs that we need to pay attention to. You don't have to seek them in your dreams!"
Sweet dreams although the others tell much more ;-)

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